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Naumburg RACEWALKING 2017: 50KM

Naumburg RACEWALKING 2017: 50KM

Today I will show you some pics of the one who walked 50 km. We had two who did not finish, one who got disqualified and one who only wanted to walk 35 km instead of 50 km. The rest so 4 out of 8 finished successfully.

As I read on O MarchadorJosé Leyver Ojeda Blas who won the 50km race has the third fastest time of the year after Havard Haukenes (Noraway) and Rafal Augustyn (Poland) which is quite amazing and I had the honour to meet all three, have a chat and shake their hands.  What an honor to meet such legends, honestly. Not to mention Christopher Höhner in Podebrady and again in Naumburg  and then the SIEGELE BROTHERS in Vienna.

Please remember if you want to download the full quality picture click on “View full size.

Anyway enjoy the pictures and as usual share the pics please! Your support is appreciated!

Maria Dolores Marcos Valero alias Lola (Spain)

José Leyver Ojeda Blas (Mexico)


Luis Amaur Bustamente Franco  (Mexico) 


Cristian David Berdeja Villavicencio (Mexico) 

Alejandro Francisco Florez (Switzerland)

Lorenzo Dessi (Italy)

Steffano Mansutti (Italy)


Francisco José Durán Acuña (Spain)

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