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Naumburg Racewalking 2017: Warmup and Groups

Naumburg Racewalking 2017: Warmup and Groups 

Welcome to Naumburg, sorry for the delay but this time took longer than usual to filter, retouch, choose the ones where you are not making “funny” faces (we all have a reputation to keep ;)) and sort them into categories.
As usual I’ll start with some pictures from before the race followed by some group pictures.
I was amazed how fast everyone walked but also with one particular woman, Lola from Spain. It was her first 50km, and the first time women were allowed to walk officially 50km in Naumburg. And what a better way to start than setting a new Spanish record over the distance. I am sure she prepared many years for this. She did amazing so did everyone.
Just after the start I noticed Lola and some other racewalkers having a proper laugh and Lola’s smile did not fade away throughout the whole race.  She was joking and kept her spirit up until her last lap.

I had a lot of fun throughout the whole race, despite the weird weather, it was sunny, windy and then a hail storm and back to a sunny day.
What the …. I was not prepared for that at all so weren’t you guys, right?

It was good that the 50km and 20km race started together so I could take some nice group pictures, some racewalkers sticked together until the end, some could not keep up with the others but that is normal. Christopher Linke and his friend Nils Brembach stick together throughout the race until the last lap when Linke took off.

But for now enjoy and share the pics please! You support me a lot!

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Now enjoy the pictures:


Try to find yourself!


Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned I have a lot more to come!

To see the results of the race click HERE


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  1. Like the woman who posed for you… and there are smiles and friendly faces everywhere… maybe racewalkers are the better people ;o)

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