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Naumburg 2017 Who is coming

Naumburg 2017 Who is coming

My fourth  race is about to happen, I am glad  this one will be held  in Germany and I hope for the weather like last year. I heard it was wonderful, probably not for the racewalkers but the rest 😉
It is not all about you guys we all should have a good time and the chance to get good tan would be nice after such an awful winter!

Anyway I never heard of Naumburg before if there was not this racewalking event I probably would never visit  but doing my research, Naumburg looks like a pretty town and I am excited for this event to take place in such a historic city where racewalking competitions exits since 1953.


A couple of days ago I checked the entry list and I am pleased to see some familiar names I met in Podebrady and Dudince , for example Christopher Linke or Alejandro Florez, but also to meet some other racewalkers from the USA and Algeria.

Like the last time in Podebrady I decided to pick and feature 10 racewalkers at random, so here we go:










Scroll all the way down for the full list of participants.

I hope I get the chance to talk to these 10 racewalkers, but to all the rest aswell  as I did not chat with everyone in Podebrady not to forget that over 200 racewalkers participated. I still hope to talk to you and to get to meet you.

The entry list of the German National Championship can be found HERE

The full entre list of international participants can be found HERE

Saturday I’ll post some pics of the circuit and the town, so stay tuned.


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  1. good luck to you!!! naumburg is a nice plae, the cathedral is very beautiful… if you have the time for some sight seeing :O)

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