Here are the other teams of the PODEBRADY RACEWALKING 2017: 10KM JUNIOR BOYS. I was most of the time totally amazed and I could not believe their strength and willpower and I wished to be like them!

I chatted with some of the boys and asked what their goal in Racewalking is and most of them said they want to walk 50 km in the future. Let us hope their dream becomes true and the dream of all the racewaklers to keep the tradition. And that the racewalkers in the future will walk 50km at every Olympics.
Racewalking is an Olympic event since the beginning of 20th century and the 50 km racewalk since 1932. Traditions are not there to be broken they have been passed over for decades, centuries and generation. Lets fight and believe and keep the tradition of racewalking and let us hope to see some of these boys racing in the future at an Olympic event.

And now some more pictures of 10KM JUNIOR BOYS!

Team Lithuania

181 Rudenka Arminas
182 Liutinskis Arnoldas
180 Juozaitis Paulius

Team Finland

173 Hava Joni
172 Määttänen Jaakko

Team Slovakia

203 Kováč Daniel

Team England

191 Snook Christopher
190 Partington Tom

Team Ireland

179 Carroll Andrew
177 Mooney Joe

Team Switzerland

189 Bonzon Nathan

Team Hungary

183 Sárossi Bálint
201 Gál Vence
185 Varga Dávid
184 Tóth Norbert

Team Turkey

205 Daniş Abdulaziz

Team Czech Republic

171 Libnar Vojtěch

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