It was a fantastic race and only one girl needed to go on the Pit lane and I saw it.
And that is something new I learned that day. When  someone “breaks” the rules three times they have to stop for two minutes at the pit lane and can enter the race again but that is their last chance before they get disqualified.

But when/If you walk the 20/50km you are only allowed to “break” the rules twice if it happens a third time you are OUT!
I would have probably done that all the race through, even if I tried and this day is still to come.

And now here are some more pictures of the Podebrady Junior Girls Racewalking 2017.

Team England

262 Davey Molly
263 Lewis Ward Sophie

Team Lithuania

252 Kuzmickaité Aušriné
251 Kavaliauskaité Austéja
253 Bašinskaité Dovilé

 Team Ireland

273 Delahunt Orlaith
248 O´Connor Niamh
250 Glennon Rachel
249 O´Connor Orla

 Team Polska

275 Jaworska Karolina
259 Kowalska Agata
260 Cetnarska Małgorzata
261 Drygalska Zuzanna

 Team Norway

257 Løseth Lisa Maren
258 Greiff Josefin

 Team Czech Republic

264 Panýrková Lenka
241 Janošíková Veronika
242 Schromová Hana

 Team Slovakia

278 Žárská Klaudia
276 Hačundová Ema

 Team Italy

272 Pontarollo Erika

 Team Hungary

254 Dimanopulosz Daphne
256 Hornyák Anna

Happy easter everyone!

P.s. The quality is not the best as WordPress does not allow me somehow to upload high quality pictures so just get in touch with me if you wish to get pictures with a better quality.

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