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The water and the sponge stations are my favourite spots and obviously the last round of the race, where you can see in everyone’s faces the struggle. The water station is always good for a surprise and fantastic to shot decent pictures.

My favorite moment was when Živilé passed the bottle to her sister Monika. It was my first time witnessing something like this, maybe for you it´s the norm , but it blew me away.

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My other favorite moments was to see Leo Romero going for a sponge squeezing his way in between Daniel Chojecki and Valeria Ortuño, I thought he was going to knock her over, but these guys are pros, they know how to manoeuvre these things.

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Now time to share with you a couple of water shots of all of you! As usual ladies first! I am sorry if you did not find more pics of you but I rather post none than bad ones.

Tomorrow I’ll post even more pics!

Amandine Marcou –  France

Anél Oosthuizen – South Africa

Anett Torma – Hungary

Barbara Kovács – Hungary

Bianca Schenker – Germany

Corinne Baudoin – France

Elisa Neuvonen – Finland

Emilia Lehmeyer – Germany

Gemma Bridge – Great Britain

Joanna Bemowska – Poland

Katarzyna Golba – Poland

Laura Polli – Switzerland

Lenka Borovičková – Czech Republic

Martina Netolická – Czech Republic

Monika Vaiciukevičiūté – Lithuania

Rebecca Collins – Great Britain

Rita Récsei – Hungary

Sandra Viviana Galvis – Colombia

Saskia Feige – Germany

Sibilla Di Vincenzo – Italy

Tiia Kuikka – Finland

Valeria Ortuño – Mexico

Yeseida Torres – Colombia

Podebrady Racewalking 2017 Pictures

And now a few Gentlemen:

Robert Heffernan – Ireland

Podebrady Racewalking 2017 Pictures

Kamil Komarowski – Poland

Anders Hansson – Sweden

Leo Romero – Honduras

 Fabien Bernabe – France

Bence Venyercsán- Hungary

Quentin Macabrey – Switzerland

Alejandro Francisco Florez – Switzerland

Karel Ketner – Czech Republic

Vítek Hlaváč – Czech Republic

Hatem Ghoula – Tunisia

Tomas Hlavenka – Czech Republic

And some more Racewalkers having a sip

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