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Podebrady Racewalking 2017: 20km Women

Podebrady Racewalking 2017: 20km Women

The weather was fantastic, not a drop of rain unlike the day before of the race. I couldn’t have been luckier, rain would have ruined the race for you and my chances of taking decent pics. I was blessed throughout the whole day. But there was a moment were I felt a drop on my face and I got really worried felt like crying and started to  pray immediately to Zeus, when I realized it was water but a bird shitting on me. It was a close call, never thought I’d be glad to have a bird shitting on me

After the race I had the chance to have  a little chat with some new racewalkers.

Now time to share with you individual shots of the girls.

Tomorrow I’ll post my favorites pics, the ones at the the water/refreshments stations.

Amandine Marcou –  France

Anél Oosthuizen – South Africa

Anett Torma – Hungary

Anežka Drahotová Czech Republic

Barbara Kovács – Hungary

Bianca Schenker – Germany

Bianka Maria Dittrich – Germany

Corinne Baudoin – France

Elisa Neuvonen – Finland

Emilia Lehmeyer – Germany

Gemma Bridge – Great Britain

Hana Herberová – Czech Republic

Ieva Šukevičiūté – Lithuania

Joanna Bemowska – Poland

Katarzyna Golba – Poland

Laura Polli – Switzerland

Lenka Borovičková – Czech Republic

Lucie Aufret – France

Marine Quennehen – France

Martina Netolická – Czech Republic

Monika Vaiciukevičiūté – Lithuania

Rebecca Collins – Great Britain

Rita Récsei – Hungary

Sandra Viviana Galvis – Colombia

Saskia Feige – Germany

Sibilla Di Vincenzo – Italy

Tiia Kuikka – Finland

Valeria Ortuño – Mexico

Venla Laiho – Finland

Yeseida Carrillo – Colombia

Živilé Vaiciukevičiūté – Lithuania

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Results Podebrady 2017


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  1. your photos are breathtaking… well done… maybe you should buy a lottery ticket after the berd dropped a bomb on you?

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