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Podebrady Racewalking 2017: 20km Men

Podebrady Racewalking 2017: 20km Men

The 20km walk  was the last one of the day and I ran out of 16 GB of memory card and almost got to the end of my second one. It was a along day so far & fantastic but I was a bit tired and had to chose my shots carefully. The circuit was fantastic but it was hectic, I wanted to take pics from all over. For the next time I will chose certain spots.
Live and learn!

This race was a bit different to me and I got to shot photos of other unknown racewalkers to me and I am glad to have met them at the closing ceremony. Now enjoy some of the pics but the best is still to come buddies. The water/refreshment station pics are my favorite.

Hope you like the pictures.

Tomorrow I’ll post the pictures of the ladies’ race. 

Andreas Janker & Nils Brembach & Karl Junghanns – Germany

 Anthony Tobin – Ireland &  Soma Kovacs – Hungary

David Durant – Pichert  & Gabriel Bordier & Antonin Boyez – France

Robert Heffernan – Ireland

Genadij Kozlovskij & Darius Jezepicikas – Lithuania

Wayne Snyman – South Africa

Tomasz Bagdany – Hungary

Jean Blancheteau & Kevin Campion & Fabien Bernabe & Quinion Aurelien – France

Tomas Hlavenka – Czech Republic and Ghoula Hatem – Tunisia

Cameron Corbishley – England

Anders Hansson and Remo Karlstrom – Sweden

Martin Nedvidek – Czech Republic

Christopher Linke – Germany

Lukasz Gdula – Czech Republic

David Tokodi – Hungary

Kamil Komarowski – Poland

Macabrey Quentin – SUI

Alejandro Francisco Florez – SUI 

Bababek Zamanbek – Kazakhstan

Michal Morvay – Slovakia

Leo Romero – Honduras

Elmo Koivunen – Finnland

Vit Hlavác – Czech Republic

Jozef Smola – Czech Republic

Alexandr Malysa – Czech Republic

Khaled Othmani – Tunisia

Here you can find pics when you all were walking in groups: Groups Gallery 


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