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Podebrady Racewalking 2017 Groups

Podebrady Racewalking 2017 Groups

I was amazed with how big this event was. After Dudince and Vienna I actually got a bit of a heart attack but very happy to learn more about Racewalking and sports photography with each event.

I have to admit it is not an easy field, to capture the moment and have it all clear. Anyway the circuit was beautiful and I did my best to capture it from different angles and places. I have chosen to do it differently this time but I am also glad to add new faces to the numbers and to meet some great photographers from France and Germany.

This time again some racewalkers tried to qualify for the European Championship in Podebrady for next month but also the World Championship in London some did achieve their goals some not.

It was quite emotional to see again some racewalkers getting disqualified and in tears but also wonderful to see the other side. As usual my respect to all of you as I really envy you for your willpower and strength of what you can achieve. Keep walking!

Here are some shots of you guys.

Ladies first

and now the Gentlemen

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To see the results of each race click: HERE


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  1. I want such a belly sixpack too…. why häagen dazs hasn’t such sideeffects? I mean for the price it should have some more benefits….

    1. Hahahaha yeah right but racewalkers eat actually like pigs and I have proof. They eat everything they want and do not even feel guilty.

      1. aaah I’m in… it’s because I feel guilty, right? ;O)))))

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