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Poděbrady Racewalking 2017: The Day Before

Poděbrady Racewalking 2017: The Day Before

I arrived in Podebrady for the “Podebrady Racewalking 2017” around noon, what a change!
A week ago was summer in Vienna and today in Podebrady is winter, raining and really cold.
Checked in the hotel, a fantastic presidential suite in the most expensive hotel in Podebrady (let me dream!!!). Hotel is really humble, perfect for my budget just above the poverty line.
But I digress, I talked around the circuit and there was action, the screen was being set up and the racewalkers checking out the circuit, which I was told, was altered a bit, one of the turns to easy the flow the race.

It feels really nice to see a lot of familiar faces checking out the circuit, it makes me feel part of the race walking community.

I was looking forward to see the new faces too and to get acquainted with them.
To close the day I went to the technical meeting, now I’m ready for a long day of racewalking, hopefully the rain will stop so my job is easier and so the job of the racewalkers.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post a little teaser and Sunday will start posting the pictures little by little.
Stay tuned and good luck for tomorrow everyone!

To see the list of racewalkers competing tomorrow click HERE 

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  1. Good luck for tomorrow to you and to all!!!! I cross my paws for you… and maybe you will win….but not like Kevin the biker LOL

    1. I did not win because I took all the pics lol. But a German won which is quite cool. Still need to get to know him. Seams to be a cool guy.

  2. Good luck to all runners but especially Leo!


    1. He finished the race which is good Pam. Now he is sick and needs to rest for the next on in Naumburg 🙂

  3. Congratulations is a fantastic town for a great racer walking competition. All the best for everyone. Greetings

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