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Podebrady Racewalking: Who is coming?

Podebrady Racewalking: Who is coming?

I recently received the entry list for the Podebrady Racewalking races.
My first immediate reaction was panic, the second was to get an extra SD card for the camera, 32gb weren’t enough last time.
I felt a bit overwhelmed with the race in Dudince, but this one is going to be bigger.
But fear not, I “think” I have a plan, think being the keyword.

How it was back then

Ohh! I stubbled upon a really interesting video of how the “Chodecký závod Poděbrady” or Podebrady Racewalking race was in the old days.

Faces of the Podebrady Racewalking 2017

Reading over the entry list I read a couple of familiar names, it’ll be nice to see familiar faces racing in Podebrady.
I also read a bunch of new names and giving that I’m still a newbie and don’t know who is who, I decided to throw over 200 names from 26 different countries (yes, 200+ racewalkers) in a hat (virtual hat), picked 10, did a little research aka stalking (hope nobody minds), and gonna feature them here.
Scroll down down for the full list of participants.










I hope I get the chance to talk to these 10 racewalkers, so if you’ve been picked or know someone who’ve been picked, tell them to say hi if they see me.

The full entre list of participants can be found HERE

Friday I’ll post some pics of the circuit and the town, stay tuned.

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