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Austrian Racewalking Championships: The Austrian Legends 2

Austrian Racewalking Championships: The Austrian Legends 2

While the men were still racing the female, teenagers and kids started and finished their 10, 5 and 3km races respectively and the results and atmosphere were fantastic. During the race I had great chats with all the fans, family members and friends who supported everyone and their favourites. After the race  the award ceremony took place in the club, it was a beautiful day although pretty  windy but good enough to finish the day with a great Pork Knuckle of 1,5 kg!

Before the race

At the start

May I introduce the racewalkers to you:

Andrea Kovacs

Andrea Scheibl

Andrea Zirknitzer

Renata Sitek

Christina Mandbauer

Dorothea Grolig

Christa Triebl

Laura Trauner

Gabriela Karseska

Christina Bachl

Brigitte Orsolits

 Agnieszka Urszula Radziewinska

Monique Steiner

Barbara Hollinger

Monika Schwantzer

Kathrin Schulze

Julia Senger

Here are the teenagers 10, 5 and 3 km racewalk

Friends, Family and organization team of the Austrian Racewalkers

The Austrian Championship Award ceremony with all the racewalkers

Thank you very much for your hospitality Vienna and until next time!

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  1. Looks like a well attended race with lots of sideline cheering and happy faces. So proud of Leo and really of EVERYONE who participates in the sport and competition. Good photos!!


    1. Thank you very much Pam. It was my first time in Vienna too and it was beautiful. And the people were kind too although I was taking a picture outside of a bakery because it looked nice and the vender screamed at me that I was not allowed to do it. It was rediculous but in general the Austrians are warm people.

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