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Austrian Racewalking Championships: The Austrian Legends

Austrian Racewalking Championships: The Austrian Legends

Servus or Grüss Gott that’s how the Autrians say “Hello”
Arriving in Vienna the day before I received the list of the racewalkers for the 20km  and to my  surprise I noticed that most of the racewalkers were masters the oldest one was 70 years old and the youngest was less than 40 years old, I do not feel like mentioning his age as he would probably slap me.
There was also a guest racewalker from Honduras who won the race with a  time of 1h33:55.

Österreichische Geher Staatsmeisterschaften 2017 Fotos
Leo stretching his body

Nevertheless this post I dedicate to the wonderful Austrian legends who made me speechless. My wish is to be able to do what they did, and all of them did fantastic. They are my idols and blew my mind.

Österreichische Geher Staatsmeisterschaften 2017 Fotos
The Siegele brothers, both Olympians in Moscow 1980

It was wonderful to see that whatever age or nation they were that there was one thing they all had in common and that was racewalking and the other wonderful part about it was, that most racewalkers knew each other for longer than 10 years and became family  over the years…

Before the race…

Right at the start:

Let me introduce you the racewalkers of Austria:

Glockengießer Werner

These two brothers Johann and  Willfried Siegele raced 1980 at the Olympics in Moscow

This man, Brzezowsky Roman became a couple of weeks ago World Champion in South Korea and started to race not even a decade ago.

Rudolf Michlfeit

Gerhard Brouschek

Alexander Maier

Dietmar Hirschmugl und Franz Kropik two friends who walked almost the whole race together.

I have to say that all of them were brilliant, although the judges disqualified some racewalkers, these people are family and they support each other.

Leo Romero an outsider who was the winner of the Austrian National Championship everyone cheered for him and he was welcomed by each racewalker.

I asked one of the women who she was cheering for, her answer was simply; everyone!

Kurt Binder

Dietmar Korntner

The next post I will cover the women and youngster and the official award ceremony. So stay tuned.

The Austrians were very keen to talk to me and guide me, they even walked with me around the circuit.
Long story short: They were family and hosted their guests wonderfully.
Danke Wien!


Nur zur Info!

Mein nächster Beitrag wird morgen veröffentlicht und dort findet ihr Bilder von der Siegerehrung und den anderen Wettkämpfen. Sofern ihr Fragen oder Anmerkungen habt bitte schreibt mir eine Nachricht  an info@aheartynomad.com Danke furs Reinschauen und guckt immer mal wieder vorbei, es lohnt sich!

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  1. What a beautiful day for a race they had! Nice that it was a friendly crowd and that they welcomed all of you so warmly. Very proud of Leo………. 🙂


    1. Yeah it was really warm hearted and it felt great. I really love to go back there. Also Leo did amazing and walked in a very good time I hope he manages the next race.

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