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Dakujem Dudince!

Dakujem Dudince!

A racewalking event like the Dudince Racewalking wouldn’t be possible without the valuable help of the volunteers.
This includes the little “elves” giving water and sponges to the racewalker and the whole organization team. The parents/ teachers who watch the kids and the judges who come from 4 different countries.
The security, the medical, the Dudince organization team and everyone who is involved and more often than not goes unnoticed.

Dudince Racewalking 2017 Pictures
Monika with other members of the organization.

It is hard work and takes many months to organize.
So in this post you’ll get to see the people involved in the race, the little racewalkers, the masters, the  legends, the coaches, the Dudince staff and obviously the fans!

The youngsters getting ready for the race

When everything is organized the racewalkers check the track and race but now we know it is more than just walking.
I really enjoyed the 50 and 20km races a lot but we should not forget that the future was walking too, the kids and the teenagersI did not take many pics because I was too slow and they were simply too fast but I’ll make sure next time to take some more shots the same applies to the master racewalkers.
How could I have missed that?!
Please forgive me!


I want to thank especially Monika who made this first time for me so special, to all the racewalkers,  coaches, judges and everyone I had the honour to talk to.
I hope to get the chance to talk to some of you more in Podebrady or Naumburg and if not this year, hopefully somewhere in the world or next year in Dudince.

I have still some more in my pocket so stay tuned and do not leave my side!


50km Highlights 
50km Best Moments
20km Highlights
20km Best Moments


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