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The Best of the 20km Dudince Racewalking 2017

The best of Dudince 20km Racewalking

The best of the 20 km Dudince race I had to keep it short as I was also at the water/ team station and could not take as many shots as I would have liked but here are some of my favourite.
Enjoy and stay tuned there is still more to come.

Racewalking Dudince 2017 and its heroes!

KOMAROWSKI Kamil (Poland) and CZAKOVÁ Mária (Slovalk Republic)

Leo Romero and the twins VAICIUKEVIČIUTÉ Živile and Monika walking around the turn

Walking towards the team station!

Finishing, woop woop!!!

I am sorry but I could not take pictures from everyone walking through the finish line.
Any questions message me I will reply asap!

You can check more pictures of all the action in Dudince 2017here:

50km Highlights 
50km Best Moments
20km Highlights

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    1. Yeah they are pretty amazing but so are the others. I stood also once on a podium but never got gold. I know this feeling! 😉

  1. What is date of 2018 race? And is there a 10k or 20k division for Masters (40+) old men?

    1. I messaged someone from the organisation but I still did not receive a response, it takes ages. I am sorry but I guesss it will be again around April like this year. Are you interested? Where are you local?

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