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The best of the 50km Dudince Racewalking 2017

The best of the 50km

The first kilometers of the 50km race are apparently kind of easy and some racewalkers chatted with each other, some even had a laugh but once you hit the 35km the competition becomes really serious and that’s what everyone told me and again you can see it on their faces. All of them have a rough facial expression, from the outside looks like they wanna die.

Refreshment Stations

One of my favorite spots was the water station/ team tables, where I saw for example the Norwegian coach shouting at Harvard like he was a bad student (I don’t speak Norwegian, but it sounded like that) or the other coaches doing exactly the same.

Havard Haukenes (Norway)

Agnieszka Ellward (Poland)

Rafal Augustyn (Poland)

Adrian Blocki (Poland)

Julio Cesar Salazar (Mexico)

Kil-Dong Kang (South Korea)

Many other racewalkers

Andrea Tóth (Hungary)

The Elves

But there were two other spots that I loved even more,  that was the sponge spot and the water cup shower/drinking spot. Both were ran by little “elves”.

They were really engaged and loved to give water and the sponges to the racewalkers, sometimes they were too eager to give the sponges out and you could see how some racewalkers would get annoyed. Just like when you go to a store and they try to spray perfume on you.

For me it was one of the most entertaining spots and thanks to the “elves”  the racewalkers got to cool down and/or wash off the sweat and other things a bit.

There was also a sort of drizzle rain shower you could run through if you felt like it to.
Next to the circuit there was a dixie toilet and my friend told me once that sometimes your stomach plays tricks on you, and you need it if you are lucky and make it  to the toilet, if not, well, just do like the horses do.
And opposite to what you think, talking about stomach problems, and bowel moments isn’t a tabu.

Hard moments

My heart sank when I saw the Finn racewalkers collapse and not reacting to the slaps on his face. Luckily it wasn’t nothing serious, but it shocked me.

I loved all the moments of the race but to see the racewalkers walking through the finish line was the biggest thing. The way Dávid Tokodi from Hungary – 4:09:15 crossed the finish line gave me the goosebumps, same when Agnieszka Ellward from Poland winner of the 50 km women.

Dávid Tokodi (Hungary)

Agnieszka Ellward (Poland)

Peter Tichy (Slovak Republic)

Klin-Dong Kang (South Korea)

Dominic King (UK)

Bruno Erent (Croatia)

Many other winners


It was an absolutely amazing 50 km race, that covered sadness, joy, disappointment, tears and a lot of pain, but in general you rock Racewalkers!

Some happy moments

I am sorry but I could not take pictures from everyone walking through the finish line.

Any questions message me I will reply asap!


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  1. it#s great to see how this works like a well going machine… it looks as if the guy in red pinched n°29 in his arm… he was a bad student too, huh?

  2. Great photos………….it’s hard to imagine racewalking for hours and hours – has to be BEYOND tiring and often uncomfortable with weather……..I admire ALL of them!


    1. My first race i was wowed all day long. I also can not imagine to do it. But never say never. I walked once on my pilgrimage 50km and two marathons. :)It took my though more then 12 hours lol

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