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Dudince Racewalking 20 km Highlights

Dudince Racewalking 20 km Highlights

From Pro to Amateur in 5 seconds

After taking pictures for 6 hours I felt a bit like a pro in the world of sport photography. Alas, there was a still so much I didn’t know. I discovered the “Call Room” where every racewalker has to go to and pick up there chips and the numbers, also the place where everyone warms up, stretch and moisturise their privates(to avoid chafing), so as a pro I should have known this before, but now I do.

So I saw the twins Monika and Zivile Vaiciukevičiuté and some more racewalkers getting ready. It was great to be backstage and see everyone just before the race and again their facial expressions, feeling the tension and nervous smiles as they walk to the start line.

And they are off

With the racewalkers lined up to start, I stood before them and felt like a photographer again.  I just needed to add names to all those faces and numbers.

Photographer and waterman

This 20 km race I had an extra task, also a first. I was to be the waterman for one of the racewalkers.
It was a very entertaining experience being around the coaches and feeling like one of them.
I there learned how close the race walking community is, everybody cheers everybody, they also try to bring up those who for one reason or another couldn’t finish the race. It’s disheartening to see someone dropping out.

I talked to many racewalkers and everyone told me the same, their goal is to finish the race but once the gun is shot it’s all a gamble.

This race was great to see, really fast, less than 2 hours and everybody was done, unlike the 50km where after 2 hours you can see the suffering on the racewalkers’ faces.

Dudince Racewalking 2017 Pictures
The Lithuanian twins with the Honduran racewalker walking together throughout half of the race

There are also some videos check them out  on the 20 km female and male racewalk.

Women 20 km Dudince 2017 Video summary

Men 20 km Dudince 2017 Video summary

And again in the upcoming days I will publish more pictures so stay tuned, it is a lot of work to sort and chose the best pics.

Full quality pictures will be uploaded to Flickr, when I have reliable internet connection.
Any questions just message!

Full results can be found HERE


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  1. it’s great to hear that racewalkers have a heart for each other, how fabulous that you are a part of such a community!!!

    1. It is fantastic and I love to be part of it for longer. It is a great place to be. Looking forward the the next races. Happy Wednesday!

  2. What an amazingly mobile life you have! Here one minute and there the next! Sports photographer – is that your job or just a hobby??

    1. Hey Jolene, how are you? Let’s see what the future brings. I hope it works out. Every race is different.
      I love sports photography, it’s fast and real. Its fantastic! This weekend there is another race in Vienna! It will be totally different. I hope you are doing fine!

      1. Not as mobile as you that’s for sure – corporate life is eternally dull. ?
        You are so mysterious, you seem to have your fingers in many pies and your life is so varied! Good luck with your photography! If you are turning that into a career that would be awesome… ?

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