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Dudince Racewalking 2017 Highlights

Dudince Racewalking 2017 Highlights

I got up at 7am walked to the place where everything started. Proudly wore my press-pass. I shot and did not stop until 6pm taking around 3000 pics, I have to do a lot of sorting to do and will post the best in the upcoming days. This is just to show the highlights of the 50km race.

Opening Ceremony

As the racewalkers were getting ready to start, the Opening Ceremony was on its way.
I was sharing the pre-race anxiety with the racewalkers, but I started to shoot.
It’s funny how you can feel the tension when the racewalkers are walking towards the start line.

Pre-Race Impressions

Everyone was in their own world, praying, focusing on the race, I still could not understand why the hell they are doing it.
Why would you want to walk 50km?

Writing racewalking history in Dudince

But there was a surprise for me, I was gonna witness history, it was the first time in Dudince history that women were allowed to race 50km.
Agnieszka Ellward from Poland and Andrea Tóth from Hungary, these two women were fantastic and did an excellent race and both finished, on itself an accomplishment, usually 30-40% of the field don’t finish the race.
I  could never imagine walking that much.
Andrea raced 6h18, this woman blew my mind not to mention that she is 46 years young and with the same huge willpower and determination than Agnieszka, whom looked strong and extremely focused throughout the entire race and finished on a solid 4:52:56. They meant business!

The first steps

In the beginning (first 15km) racewalkers talked to their mates had a little laugh but once everyone got a bit sweaty the competition started.

I started to enjoy it more and more.
It became a bit dramatic as the kilometers passed.
They had this special face and kept changing throughout the race.

People dropped out and that was intense for me, the sadness even got me but it really hit me when I saw the Finn guy collapsing a few meters away from me and the French dropping out too.

The refreshing part of the race

The sun started to hit the course, the racewalkers where using all the water and sponges available to cool themselves down.

Good they had little helping hands, the volunteers, young kids.
But I asked myself where do they piss and what to do when you have to do number two?
Well, now I know, you just take it with you and wash it off.

The water station was an entertaining way to see how the coaches support their pupils.

The whole day was filled with emotions unknown to me, but to see racewalkers crossing the finish line was one of the best. It seemed they can not walk anymore. Some just collapse, get carried away and then the staff take care of them but some even felt totally fine and did need nothing.

I am speechless and amazed at the same time.
You guys [racewalkers] really are amazing and it is good to see that you have the strength to do it. Chapeau!

Dudince Racewalking 2017 Pictures
CSABA István (Hungary) – 6:06:03

So in the upcoming days I will publish more pictures so stay tuned, it is a lot of work to sort and chose the best pics.

Full quality pictures will be uploaded to Flickr, when I have reliable internet connection.
Any questions just message!

P.s. I found this little video summary of the 50 km race.

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