Dudince Racewalking 2017

Racewalking Dudince – Preview

Racewalking Dudince – Preview

Less than 24 hours to the start of the first race, the Dudinska 50 in Dudince, Slovakia and here I am feeling more anxious and nervous than probably most of the racewalkers.
Today I had the chance of checking out the circuit and walk around town (walking up and down the circuit basically covers the town).

 Testing the circuit

I saw a couple of racewalkers training there, preparing to give it all tomorrow morning.
To think that I have to be up at 6 to get my things ready, isn’t fun, I like to sleep. I think my spirit animal is a sloth, but the prehistoric one, cuz I’m big like it.

But I digress, let me share with you a couple of pics of the some of the racewalkers warming up/checking the circuit.

Reporting from…

I feel like one of those tv sport reporters, I even got my little press pass, I use it to flash the athletes so they know I’m a world known sports reporter and give me an interview. Granted, once I start asking them questions it’s clear I’m nothing but a stumbling amateur. But I point out that maybe, when I’m received a pulitzer or an associated press award, I’ll thank them for giving the chance of that first interview, “thanks to all the little people” …

Racewalking dudince
Feeling like a pro here.


Now let’s get “technical”, I was checking the entry list and doing research, some big names there.
But I’m gonna mention 2 names because they are basically making history.
Andrea Toth (Hungary) and Agnieszka Ellward (Poland), they’ll be first 2 women to officially race the 50km in the Dudince Racewalking, let’s remember that that is 8km more than a marathon.
I’m looking forward to interviewing these 2 women.
That’s how technical I can get lol.

On a side note, I tried for the first time in my life horse meat.
What does it has to do with racewalking?
Nothing, directly, but I’ll tell you about it on a future post.


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