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European Racewalking Tour

European Racewalking Tour

Some of you may have noticed a new section on the main menu, Racewalking.
I’m always looking for new projects to go along with my traveling and this time I decided to take on a sport. Yeah, you read it right, even though I’m not a sporty person, this isn’t your regular sporting event.
If you are like me, you probably never heard of racewalking, or if you did, you are likely to know just as much as I did, “they walk funny”.
Well, before getting full on into this I had to do some research, I won’t bore you with technicalities (I don’t even know them) but I recommend you to watch this video:

Starting Saturday 25th, I’ll be like a groupie, following racewalkers around, learning about it, interviewing, attempting to take nice pics and getting to know the people involved in the organization and those supporting the racewalkers.

These guys and girls are true champs, you know, most sports are simple, regarding the scoring or deciding the winners, but this one, on top of having to be the best they have to deal with the judges. In short, they can get disqualified even after winning the race.

Jane Saville Disqualified entering stadium
Disqualified before entering the stadium in the Sidney Olympig Games

Dudinska 50

“My” first race just to clarify I am not going to racewalk I am the guy behind the scenes, will be held in Dudince, it is a small spa town (looking forward to try it), closer to Budapest than it is to the Slovakian capital, Bratislava. They been holding this race for a long time. Dudince Racewalking

Austrian Racewalking Champs

The  second race will be held in Vienna, just click on the image to find out more about it! I’ve never been to Vienna and always wanted to, and finally now it is about to happen. Can’t wait to eat a real Winer Schnitzel and a Sacher. Austrian Racewalking Championships

Podebrady Racewalks

The third race will be in Podebrady in the Czech Republic, a race with a tradition of over 80 years and a great opportunity to meet international racewalkers. Let’s see if I make any friends or get a restrainer order!Podebrady Racewalking

Naumburg International Racewalking

And last but hopefully not least. I will be travelling to Naumburg a city south of Berlin. Naumburg is a rather little town where races are held since 1953 so an experienced city and I assume it will be all perfectly organized.

Racewalking Naumburg

Travelling to all those races I will visit in 11 cities around Europe and I will write about each one including food, sights, people and racewalking.
Covering all those subjects will push me to my limits but whatever is going to happen I will have fun and I hope to see someone in one of those places and if not i hope to make new friends and get “A Hearty Nomad” out there.
So wish me luck and stick to me!

Ever heard of racewalking?
Do you know a racewalker?
Would you try it?

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  1. I can’t wait to hear more … and to read your racewalker diary… and I bet we will hear about lot of tasty food… and about booze :O)

    1. So excited too. Now i am at the hotel.and making my way to the race which starts very soon. Can not wait for the wiggle. ?

  2. Oh indeed I know about racewalking…….and I am SURE you will enjoy following the race tour and cheering those racers on! My old hips wouldn’t allow me to do that hip/leg action I’m afraid but I think it’s amazing that they can move so FAST without RUNNING.


    1. Hey Pam,
      Its going to be fun and the sun is out and shining now my camera needs to stay alive Just got three batteries so I can shot enough!

  3. Can’t wait to read more about this sport, racewalking. I knew it was an Olympic sport, but other than that I never heard much more about it. I think we used to have “race walks” when we were children, but nothing serious!

  4. Hey Buddy, I saw it yesterday for the first time after Rio and it was fun and the people seem to be very chilled and lovely. Lets hope they stay this way even when they do not finish. I heard some will not. Imagine 50 km… Crazy…

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