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Porto, beyond the booze

 Porto, beyond the booze

It was my second time in Portugal but first time in Porto and I have to say Portuguese sounded to me like a Russian trying to speak Spanish but traveling to Porto made me fall in love with this language.

 I fell in love with the city, granted, being a huge Harry Potter’s fan[1 see editor’s note] played a role on it, J.K. Rowling got a lot of inspiration from Porto for Harry Potter, but the main reason behind my Porto love is none other than booze; Port!

Port wine is one of the sweetest alcohols in the world and traveling to its origin and learning about it was and still is the second to best decision I took in my life, first place goes to dumping a 65kg load of course.

It’s not you…

To enjoy and learn about Port ,walk along the harbour on the other side of the river and choose any vineyards. There are many brands to choose from, which is not easy. Most of the vineyards offer tastings, for a few Euros you will get to try 3-5 types of Port; Red, Rose, Tawny and White, plus they take you around the wine cellar and tell you everything about Port from production to traditions bla bla bla you just want to taste it but you will pretend to be a sommelier…


It is very interesting, though reality looks different and a tasting will tun probably into a crawl not a pub crawl but  a vineyard crawl.

I had a few glasses to many and because of its sweetness it goes down like oil like the Germans say and quicker in your head.

Somehow I ended up magically drunk, can’t recall how did it happen, the thing is I got lost. Instead of normally walking down a hill I got lost walking up a hill and landed at The Yaetman, a 5 Star Hotel and to my own luck it was Happy Hour.

How delightful!
And nothing pairs better the good old booze than a great view, and this place has the best view over town.
I  stayed for a few drinks, watched an amazing sunset then hoped for the best so I could find my way home, which I eventually did.

Are you a Harry Potter fan?
Did you try to stamp grapes with your feet and then drink it?
Ever crashed into a 5 Star Hotel and got wasted ?

Editor’s Note: this person calls himself a Harry Potter fan, however, didn’t know what a Patronum was, alleged that it wasn’t an important part of the story.



Porto is one of the cutest towns in Europe and you can walk it all! So here are my recommendations you should not miss!
  • Do a port tasting
  • Climb up Torre dos Clérigos and soak in the breath taking view over Oporto
  • Visit the Palácio da Bolsa and take a tour for 8.50 € or a fiver for students
  • Explore the neighbourhood Ribeira
  • Check out Livraria Lello, its great
  • If you can explore the Douro Valley
  • Rent a bike and bike to the Atlantic Ocean and dip your feet
  • Visit Casa da Musica
  • Walk along the harbour
  • For the lazy ones take a funicular
  • Check out The Yaetman
  • Visit Serralves
  • Visit Igreja de São Francisco, it is worth it although it is a church
  • Just walk everywhere and get lost but do not forget Cais de Gaia
  • For more info about Porto go to: VisitPorto
To get to the city center from Porto Airport takeeither:
  • Metro
  • 1.20 -4 €
  • Bus
  • 5€
  • Taxi
  • +- 30 €
  • For more info about the city transportation service go to: Metro
  • Check your flight details here: Flight Check
  • For more info about the bus shuttle go to: Shuttle Bus
  • Porto has reallytasty food and there are some thigns you shoudl not miss out on although one thing I was afraid to tast which was tripe. BUt other than that this is what you should try:
    • Francesinha
    • Bacalhau- Cod fish and there are many varities of this fish so get wild
    • Caldo verde a lovely soup on a chorizo base
    • Cozido a mix of different cuts of meat for example chorizo 😉
    • Drink as much orange juice as you can, it is cheap and sweet
    • Try to find a menu for 5€ you might be lucky
    • eat some pastries, any pastries are delicious especially the one from Lisbon, Pastel De Belem
  • For more info about different types of food and other recommendations go to: Top 10 Portugues dishes by The Culture Trip
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    1. there is nothing better than port… eggscept more port… but the hangover the next day is resitant to any aspirin or alca seltzer…

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