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Alcalá de Henares

Alcalá de Henares

Babies come from Alcalá

About 34 km north of Madrid there’s  a small town called Alcalá de Henares. It is a very lovely place and a college town, without the students, I simply did not spot any. Anyhow, this city is famous for Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. And he’s the reason why I visited Alcalá, not that he is mummified and you get to see his corps but to see the original version of Don Quixote. It was just an old print and for me as unimpressive as a football.

I have been three times to Alcalá, all of them day trips.

I loved walking around town and soaking it all in. One of this things that caught my attention was the amount of birds flying, all of them circling me. For a moment I thought I was dead and they were vultures coming to eat my yummy remains. But they were storks, they were everywhere, on every roof, on every church tower and everything that had a tower or something spiky where they could build a nest. That day I counted 101 storks all over and on one spot I counted 42. It was incredible! I’d never seen so many storks together.

I would say a reason to visit Alcalá de Henares is to see the storks, depending on the season obviously. Well you should stop by the university and churches and see the historical buildings but more fascinating is to see these grand birds taking off and land. And especially when they are just a few meters away from you. Just be aware of the flying shit. The probability to get “shot” is high in this town.

It could be worse, could be flying cows.

Statistically a city with lots of storks should have lots of kids but I did not see any. I didn’t see stork delivering babies either. So I asked myself where do we come from? Maybe they delivered at different time and I missed it. My mom told me I was delivered by a stork. My sister that I was left at the doorstep. But I got a theory; as I did not see any babies in Alcalá de Henares the logical answer is that Alcalá is where babies com from. It makes sense.

Ever read the Quixote? All of it? How???!!! Ever watched any of Beaky Buzzard cartoons? Aren’t you glad cows don’t fly?  Where were you told you come from? 

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  1. Well thanks for clearing that “where do babies come from” question that ALL of us have! Now I know……behind all those pretty windows and doors on the buildings are lots of screaming babies. Remind me never to visit that place..without ear plugs anyway!


    1. Oh Pam , I will make sure you wont forget. You can smell this town miles away because the smell of babypowere isso intenese and just imagine the aa!

  2. maybe the storks prefer longtime flights and therefore the babies in this town will be delivered by La Poste? that takes a while ;o)

    1. true, not a bad point. Can they fly longhaule with a baby in their beek?REally?

  3. I wish that the cows could actually fly, Then we would have had milky ways instead of barnyards…

    1. That is hilarious but imagine the size of shit falling! 😉

  4. Interesting! Lovin’ the vibe from the photos ?

    1. Thanks,
      Where did your parents tell you we come from? The truth? I am curious. Thanks for stopping by!

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