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Rolling Down The Way of St. James

Rolling Down The Way of St. James


It was my 4th day and I remember it clearly, my 4th day on my Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) I was wishing I was dead already.

I had only walked 100 km still had 900 to go.
It seemed like a great idea on paper.

The Hamster to myself planning it.

What did you get yourself into?!
Why you feel like crap?!
I kept asking to myself.
A moment later I realized it was the overweight!

But food is just too good!

The goal is to move from to town to town every day, sometimes the next village is just 15km away and others 50km.
That day the plan was to walk 30km, but I couldn’t make it past the 22km mark.
I woke up early and it took me 4 hours to walk  7 km and the last Km was up a  little hill.
It killed me!
I wish I prepared myself not just mentally but also more physically before deciding to go for a 1,000km/30 days walk.
My knees failed me.

That’s how I felt!

I woke up with pain in my knees, I was in pain from day 2 but I was ignoring it.
However, that morning was too much, a tear rolled down my cheek, I wish that tear had been a tear of fat.
Throughout the Camino I known as the guy with the fucked up knees.
I blame my 9 kg backpack, 2kg of it were food, and I was not getting rid of it.

Don’t mess with my food.

On top of the hill I rested around 1.5 hours, during that time I took enough painkillers to put an elephant to sleep, but they didn’t work.
Rubbed all kind of creams on my knees, useless!
Fuck Bayer for being so unhelpful!
As I was asking the lord the take me, a woman called me over and offered me her walking sticks.
I declined but she told me that I needed them more than her (she was like 700yo) I took them and learned to walk again.

From that point on, walking was bearable, knees still hurt but I wasn’t crying anymore. 3 weeks later we ran (she ran I limped) into each others arms almost crying.
She let keep me her sticks until Santiago de Compostela.
I never saw her again but the sticks remind me every day how far I made it, exactly until the end of the world – Finisterre.

Touching, I know!

I can feel the pain in my knees until today and I am glad I am lighter now although another Camino would be not the worst choice I guess and mom would totally agree. Thanks to my angel I walked 1000 km.

Ever did the Camino?
Would you walk 1000 km to lose weight?
Would you rather get crippled than getting rid of your food?
Wouldn’t it be nice if tears were made out of fat?


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  1. I would … but that’s easy saying while sitting on my sofa and reading your post :o)

  2. Have never done it and don’t think i’d have the fatih to do it! wow to you!

  3. I feel your pain just reading all that! The Camino has been on my Bucket List for years but with my RA I would never take on all of it – so well done on limping through 1000km and bless your Angel 🙂

    1. Thanks I appreciate it. It was a tough one for sure but worth it! 🙂 Happy weekend. Any plans?

  4. I would try it, but I feel like my head is overestimating my body’s abilities. That’s impressive that you completed it.

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