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Rabat, follow your nose

Rabat, follow your nose

 It was my second time in Africa and after Dubai’s disappointment I was looking forward to an adventure in Morocco.

 I first visited Marrakech, but this is gonna be about how my nose led me to Rabat.
Marrakesh is incredible but I was looking forward to Rabat, the capital of Morocco, a place off the beaten track that not many tourists go. Just as vibrant and colorful as Marrakesh.

With its authenticity Rabat really blew my mind, people didn’t treat me like a wallet at all but like a human being who looked rich.

But I’m  P O O R

The people’s smiles and kindness were wonderful and wandering around the old town I saw loads of great stuff that I would have loved to buy (but I just looked rich…) but I rather invest my money on food like Tajine, chicken, lamb or veggies, you name it!
They are all delicious and I could eat them all day.

Rabat smelled delicious, I felt like a less creepy and much cleaner Jean-Baptiste Grenouille through the alleys of Rabat.

those hands’ gotta stink!

Jean was a wacko, but then, can you blame him?
He just wanted to smell something nice, after all Europe around that time was like a giant port-a-potty in desperate need of Glade.
But I digress, the smells of Rabat are amazing, not only food, but perfumes.

The smell of Davidoff and Miracle took me to an alley where I went crazy.
They had them all!
All were stored in little beautiful flacons marked with its names, from Gucci to Opium, from Escada to Vicoria’s Secret it was heaven.
And if they did not have the one you wanted, they would get it for you and they did.

The good part of it is that  all perfumes are without alcohol (ideal for my thirsty skin) and made only from natural oils.
A tiny little drop would be enough to make people eat you alive like they did with Jean you smell like a garden full of flowers or a sports bar after a match, your call.

I think I spoiled the book/movie for you. You’re welcome.

And to top it all, it was bloody cheap only a couple of bucks for a tiny bottle that lasts for a long time.

Also, cheapest flight I’ve ever taken was to Morocco, 25€ round trip, I am not joking.
Jealous much?
Then better make a move and get over there, it will be memorable.
So if you make it to Rabat keep an eye open for a drugstore in a dark alley and follow your nose, but don’t smell people, that’s just weird.

Read the novel “The Perfume” or watched the movie? You should.

Ever let your nose lead the way (other than when opening the fridge and trying to locate what’s rotten lol)?

What’s the cheapest flight you’ve ever taken?



If you plan to go to Rabat I recommend you to go by train. It´s a 4 hours ride from Marrakesh or you could fly there too depending from where you are coming from. One way costs +-10 €
  • 1 EUR = 10.6777 MAD (08.03.2017)
For more info about the transportation service go to: RMV or RMV
Here are the sights I recommend you to see:
  • Enjoy Kasbah des Oudaias the oldest part of town
  • Get lost in the Medina of Rabat
  • Rabat Old Town
  • Plage de Rabat
  • Walk along the pier
  • Everywhere! Try the local food on the streets. Tajine and shakes are my recommendation.

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    1. I loved the book, the movie was more so-so… and I hope you found the perfume what has the same magic effect like the one of jean-baptiste…and please come over when I have to see the bank guy next time ;O))))

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