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Candy Crush, Ghent Edition

What would motivate you to visit  Ghent in Belgium?

 For me it is a question with three answers:
1. “Praline”
2. Bar with the biggest beer selection
3. The Cuberdon shop

No. 1 the “Praline”, a filled chocolate was invented by Neuhaus a pharmacist who wanted to cover the awful taste of medicine, with a thin layer of  chocolate, however, it was his grandson Jean Neuhaus Jr. who thought about filling it with something other than medicine. The “Praline”was born in Belgium but not in Ghent.

No. 2  Dulle Griet a  bar in Ghent with over 350 Belgian beers with the largest  selection  in Gent so a paradise for beer lovers including me.  Everyone recommends to drink a beer for which you must leave your shoe as a deposit.

Wonder if they’d take my stinky shoes.

The shoe is hung from the ceiling and returned once the bill is paid and the glass returned.
The reason is that everybody would steal the glass as a souvenir (I would do it too), so to avoid it the bar decided to enforce that form of deposit.

Go back for your shoe, you drunk thief!!!

I wonder if this is the true inspiration for Cinderella, maybe she was a kleptomaniac alcoholic who kept leaving her shoes behind.
Something to ponder certainly.

No. 3 walking around town I saw weird, purple, soapy looking candies which were called Cuberdons also known as “Gentse Neuzen”(Gent Nose) are the most famous local candies in Ghent, made of Arabic gum, which tastes like violet, also available in different flavours now. It all happened by accident as a pharmacist discarded a batch of medicine and discovered days later, that  the syrup formed a crunchy crust, while the inside remained liquid-ish, so “The Cuberdons” were born and the most famous ones are the ones from Geldhof.

In Genth are two shops that sell Cuberdons next to each other, they’ve been fighting over who has the best ones for years. One day it escalated and the two venders got into a fight to decide whose candies were better. This war’s been going on for a very long time. Since then the vendors are not allowed to talk to each other anymore , if they do, they get a 120€ fine.

I tried Cuberdons from  both and somehow Geldhof tastes better. But maybe you should try them and be the judge.
It’s maybe like Vegemite and Marmite, right?*

Ever risked to give your shoe away to get something?
Have you tasted a Neuhaus Praline in Ghent or anywhere in the Europe?
Ever fought with you neighbour about something?


Gent is gorgeous and you should see those sight when you get there!
  • Castle of the counts
  • The adoration of the mystic lambs
  • Belfry
  • St. Bravo' s Cathedral
  • St. Michael's Bridge
  • Patershol a really cool neighbourhood
  • The sunday market
  • Gent by night

*Editors note: both Vegemite and Marmite are gross. 

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  1. that are good reasons for a visit… and the wafers they have everywhere :o) with strawberries and so much sugar that your dentist will swoon :o)

    1. Oh the wafers are insane. Bloddy delicious. I love them with a ton of cream. Yummy …. But hey no sugar for me now.

  2. Gosh all of those things sound delish. We have pralines here – they are a “Southern delicacy”…..full of sugar and pecans. Yummy but I think totally different from the Ghent version.


    1. Oh Pam, they are unconditionally delicious its like a cake eaten as fast as an autobahn ride in Germany. Miam miam

    1. Hey Sarah, Belgium is fantastic and all of the beer are delicious. But I rather eat Pralinen the problem are the calories though. All the good stuff is always bad for you.

      1. We get lots of pralines when we are in New Orleans here – but I don’t like nuts, so I avoid them!

        1. Nuts suck I actually had a really fruity one and it took me straight away, like I was high. Oh Lord I have to find this Praline again. It was nuts!!!! Lol

  3. I like Marmite so does that mean I’d hate Cuberdons? 🙂 Some of my shoes have holes in. I’d have to do a quick inspection before I drank at that bar. How embarrassing!

    1. Lol you are funny and I am sure you will like Cuberdons.
      Make sure you were ugly shoes in case you actually walk out with a Glas ? and no shoe! Have you ever been to Belgium?

      1. Bruges only. Many, many years ago in freezing fog! 🙂

        1. I never travelled to this place and it’s apparently the most beautiful city in Belgium. Lucky you!

          1. We couldn’t see much for the fog 🙂 I was trying to climb inside my husband’s coat with him for warmth! But yes- the photos I’ve seen look beautiful.

          2. Thats good. Maybe a reason to go back?

  4. Love it and i like the “Candy Crush edition” approach cause I’m a huge huge fan!

  5. Vegemite is amazing. But I am the only one in my house that thinks this.
    I really want to go to this bar! It looks amazing!

    1. Yeah I get you 😉 You should defo go there and check it out, it is worth it. But also the other stuff is delux and worth a try. HAppy Weekend! Any plans?

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