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Cologne Carnival 2017

 Cologne Carnival 2017

Alaaf, A greeting during Carnival in Cologne and Carnival in this city with over 1 million visitors on Rose Monday is not only the second biggest party in Germany after the famous Oktoberfest in Munich obviously.

But also one of the biggest carnivals after Rio de Janeiro, Venice and New Orleans. Carnival in Cologne is also the fifth season of the year starting on 11.11 at 11:11am and ending on Ash Wednesday, so today.

I never understood why the people go to a carnival at all and the big hype about it, but I now I know.
Simply two things: the floats and Kamelle.
The floats are mostly taking the piss out of the political situation and throwing Kamelle, which means candies.
It’s like Halloween minus the knocking on people’s door.

You have to imagine big floats passing through the streets for about 6 hours or more and people standing on top of a them throwing candies all day long in your face, literally. And everyone screams “Kamelle, Kamelle!”

Once the candies are flying, everyone is trying to catch it with their goofy hands, hats and umbrellas and some people take it very seriously, they even brawl over a Snickers. They throw quiet big things as well.  I was  glad I did not get knocked down by a bag of chocolate, not the death by chocolate I look forward to.

You can collect candies for a whole year if you want to. We collected only one bag of 88 candies and did not try hard but my friends told me they did collect 8 begs last year. That would make around 700 pieces of candy. Good business for a dentist hey.

The worst part of Kamelle is that as of today the fasting starts, so for those who fast ignore Kamelle.  I am getting  ready for my 40 days sugar free diet now 😉 So I can look skinny and sexier than ever for easter in Krakow.

So put carnival in Cologne on your bucketlist and forget about Rio de Janeiro.

For more pictures click on this link

Are you fasting?
Would you kill for a snickers?
Ever got thrown “Kamelle” in your face?

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  1. I was there one time… and never ever again… I’m the carnival grinch LOL

    1. Yeah it is indeed crazy and you have to prepare yourself. The company changes a lot though. Maybe you should join me the next time?

      1. someone puked in my handbag… that’s a sacrilege…

        1. Omg this is totally a turnoff! I would be a Grinch aswell.

  2. I wouldn’t kill for a Snickers, but I’d slap somebody. LOL

    1. Hahahaha great I would do it for Giotto but they did not through them.

  3. Goodbye luck with the fasting. You definitely should have grabbed 8 bags of candy.

    1. Hahahahaha that would be insane. And it’s serious stuff. Need to wait for Halloween!

  4. Looks pretty cool, and if there’s bags of candy involved…I’m in.

      1. I’ve never been to a Carnival celebration, but they look like a lot of fun. I hope one day I will be able to join in the festivities.

        1. I am sure you will and if not you can have your own carnival party with friends. That can get wild too ?

  5. Easter in Krakow should be beautiful 🙂

      1. It’s been glorious here! Definitely a Spring day 🙂

  6. This is place is great! Love to visit one day.

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