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Moin Moin; 24hrs in Hamburg

 Moin Moin for 24 hours in Hamburg

An important thing when traveling somewhere for a short amount of time, other than knowing where to go, is knowing how to greet, especially in Hamburg City.

On this post we’ll cover how to greet and what to do if you are stranded for 24hrs in Hamburg.
I’m a Hamburger and as a one I know my city. I know what to do, where to go, where to eat and I know our slang; the most important thing, right?

Just a hamburger minding its business.

There are different accents and dialects in Germany as in any country but the one you learn at school, University or at a language school is “High German”, German from the north, the real German.
Now the south, east and west would probably get offended but that’s the true. Anyway I am not here to teach you this gorgeous language, for that I’d have to get paid.

I’m here to tell you how to greet in Hamburg.

There are two versions one you are allowed to use and the other not.
Good day, Good afternoon, Good night, Hello and Hi are greetings that can narrowed down to a single word;  Moin.
This is how we great in the north!

Where’s Nemo?

Once upon a time there was a man called Christian Hummel, a water carrier loved by kids because he was a war story-teller.
When the kids saw him they called him “Hummel, Hummel”.
Story has it, one day he moved out and grumpy guy called Johann Bentz rook his place. Kids called him  “Hummel, Hummel” to annoy him. His reply was “Klei di an Mors” which somehow turned into “Mors Mors” which means “lick my ass”.

Need I say more?

It was repeated over  and over again that everyone in Hamburg knew about it. And this Water Carrier became a cultural figure of Hamburg.

A tradition in Hamburg created call:
“Hummel, Humme!l”
“Mors, Mors!”

Now “Hummel, Hummel” is more of a Greeting you use seeing a Hamburger outside Hamburg and the other person responds with “Mors Mors”.
Nowadays it does not really happen as often but it is used in football, handball and Ice-hockey when the Hamburgers play.

It happened to me only once that someone greeted me this way outside of Hamburg.

In Hamburg sagt man Tschüss, dass heisst “Auf Wiedersehen”!

In Hamburg we say Tschüss which means “See you soon”!

Is there a special greeting where you come from?
Any traditional local story worth sharing?
What you think of German?


Hamburg in 24 hours

I tell you all the sights a Hamburger would show you in 24 hours if he had the time and you the stamina. The only thing you need is a day pass which will cost you 6.20€ and can be used on a bus, train and ferry. This free walking tour is quite long but can be split into two days if you are slow and If you follow the path you will see Hamburg in one day! Starting Point
  • Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
  • Spitalerstrasse
  • Mönckebergstarasse
  • Rathausplatz
  • Alsterarkaden
  • Alster Pavillion Alex
  • Collonaden
  • Planten un Blomen –Gewächshaus – Wasserspiele
  • Casino Dammtor
  • Oper
  • Gänsemarkt
  • Neuer Wall
  • Stadthausbrücke
  • Kammergässchen
  • Michel
  • Hafen Baumwall
  • Elbphilharmonie
  • Hafen City Magelanterassen
  • Portugiesisches Viertel Portugues quarter
  • Elbtunnel
  • Landungsbrücken ( go on top oft the Metro Station for the viewpoints wherer there is a Hostel aswell)
  • Ferry to Ovelgönne
  • Walk along the beach
  • Fähre zurück zu Docklands ( climb it)
  • Take the bus 111 to Sankt Pauli
  • Go to 20 Up
  • Walk back to Reeperbahn
  • Choose a bar
  • 1 Die Ritze
  • 2 Sommer Sallon
  • Hans Alberts Platz
  • For more info about the city transportation service go to: RMV
  • For more info about Hamburg go to: RMV
  • Franzbrötchen Cinamon sweetbreadroll
  • Fischbrötchen - Fish Breadroll
  • Labskaus- something really strange
  • This Post Has 4 Comments

    1. Interesting! I lived in Weisbaden for two years when I was four years old (yes there were dinosaurs roaming the earth back then). I only remember our back yard was wonderful with rhubarb, gooseberry bushes and lots of other things you could eat but get in trouble for doing so. I love Germany……beautiful country…..got to see a lot more of it a few years ago on a Rhine River cruise…….


    2. its a fabulous city… and like Udo Lindenberg said: Hamburg meine Perle… and he knows why…after he lives at Howltel Atlantic since 87 years :o)

      1. Yeah Udo, it is indeed the pearl and it has so much to offer. When were you in Hamburg the last time?

        1. somewhere in the late 90’s…bet a lot of things changed but it’s still great :o)

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