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Define paradise

 Define paradise!

 When you hear the word paradise what comes to mind?
Is it Coldplay –Paradise; or a brothel in Hamburg or maybe Coolio – Gangster’s Paradise, by the way I shook his hand in Times Square but didn’t ask for a pic because I thought it was uncoolio (see what i did there?).

Coolio as Crazy Eyes

Or you think of a white sand beach with turquoise water, palm trees and holding a Caiprinha in your hand?
If so, we are in sync.

My plan was to visit paradise so I planned a trip to Arraial do Cabo with my buddy and stayed next to the beach.
We decided to go for a hike, it was cloudy and humid but nice at the same time.
We planned to hike all the way until we reach  Praia da Ilha do Farol chill there and take the water taxi back. To reach the beach you have to walk along a dirt road and pass some awesome beaches.

No problem there if it hadn’t rained the night before so the road was covered in huge puddles and mud pools and since I’m no Moses and can’t part the waters I had to walk through, which isn’t a big deal, but my buddy made me his “burro”, he thinks I don’t have feet but hooves.

If only I was that cute

Once we reached a viewpoint at Pontal do Atalaia we realized we were not far so we continued our walk but saw from Pedra do Macaco that the beach is on an island like the name already says “Praia da Ilha do Farol” and impossible to reach without a boat. Ilha means Island!
We are so damn smart!!!
So we aborted our plan, decided to walk back and grab a Caiprinha at Praia do Pontal do Atalaia.
It was slightly windy the sun was hiding perfect weather but one thing out of two were missing either the sun or the rain.
We hoped for the rain.

We went to Prainihas do Pontal do Atalaia for our booze and  it started to drizzle.
By the time we reached the beach it started to pour down.
No one, no one just me and my buddy, Brazilians don’t go to the beach if it rains.
So we decided to skinny dip (we later learned it is illegal to skinny dip in Brazil), enjoyed the caipirinha and had sex on the beach

Do you enjoy a rainy beach day?
You like skinny dipping?
Is it legal to skinny dip where you are from?

And before I go, a shoutout to Jolene, for her kind words on her blog the other day.
She has great sense of humor and writes really nice posts the way I can only dream of.
Check out her blog, you won’t regret:  SoMuchToTellYou



Arraial Do Cabo

The busses leave from Terminal Novo Rio you get there by local busses or an Uber from wherever you are.
      Once you reach Terminal Novo Rio you can either purchase your ticket at the desk or buy it online .
For more info about the transportation service go to: RMV
      One way ticket to Arraial do Cabo costs between 54 RS and 85 RS (1€- 3,29RS) 19.02.2017
Visit the beaches!
  • Praia do Forno
  • As Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia
  • Praia da Ilha do Farol.
  • Praia Grande.
        You can also book a boat tour that will take you to all the beaches which includes Praia da Ilha do Farol. Once you reach town there are plenty of agencies to choose from.

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  1. Paradise is being alive, fit, able to move, free… I used to have a sticker above the doorknob in our apartment, reading “paradise”…everyday I went outside it was/is!

    1. That is so true! Able to move without pain is paradise. Glad you are in paradise!

  2. every beach can be a paradise :o) skinny dipping is not allowed here, but it seems the police enjoys to arrest the dippers ;O)))

    1. Hahahaha yeah they probably enjoy it. In my culture they never arrest just remind them to put their clothes on. But yeah every beach can be a paradise.

  3. Beautiful views – the water is such an amazing color……..glad you had a nice time – appears to be a QUIET getaway in paradise! No skinny dipping allowed on Virginia/Maryland beaches….at least during daylight hours (hahaha).


    1. Lol, I am used to skinny dip at every lake and ocean or natural pool. Wherever I have a moment of privacy I just have the urge to take my bathers off ?

  4. Paradise is any place where one feels happy and content. Looking forward to following your blog and travels in 2017!

  5. Paradise is Coldplay for sure!!
    Thanks for remembering me and the nice note here! I’ve always wondered whether the Hearty Nomad is in fact the Hearty Nomads – pls can you demystify this for me?? ?

  6. Wow, great blog. I love traveling and discovering new blogs to stalk for travel-inspo. Or travel-envy.

  7. Love the comical side 😉 and yes I’m taking notes for when I eventually make it out to South America! It certainly does seem like paradise!

  8. Hey, I enjoyed reading your article. Well done. Wish you all the best! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad you had fun. I wish you the same and thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear back from you very soon.

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