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Hamburger Bacchanal

 Hamburger Bacchanal

Moin Moin this how we greet in Hamburg and not Ciao,
Hamburg is not a carnival city at all, it’s bloody cold, grey and windy, even people are C O L D. That’s why it is called the cold north in Germany. It could easily be one of the kingdoms of the Game of Thrones.

Ohh so that’s where that song comes.

This particular day we say Ciao and everything around here is Italian. And no, it isn’t because of the Italian week at LIDL or because  Raffaella Carrà was in town, but the Venetian Carnival comes to Hamburg.

When you think about carnival in Europe, your mind goes to Venice. But it turns out Hamburg and Venice have one thing in common, plenty of water. An interesting fact is that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice.

February is the time for Bacchanalia, the time to drink and get lost in the pleasures of the flesh. It’s carnival, and because I did not make it to Rio de Janeiro this year I show you a bit of the Hamburger (am I talking about the Carnival from Hamburg or the hamburger food carnival?) carnival.

Which isn’t as spectacular as the one in Rio, but there was a thing that I loved and doesn’t fit (according to me) into the typical venetian carnival.

Oh I loved her, the way she walked, stood  and smiled. It was all perfect I almost fell in love with her but I had to play it cool, I was with my parents and they couldn’t find out about my fetish.
Isn’t she adorable?
Anyway Germans can be very funny sometimes,  although it is ridiculously cold out there they manage to still look good. Don’t you think?

In general Hamburg is full of surprises and sometimes the Cold North turns into the warm north. So stick with us and find out many other interesting things about Hamburg. For more info click HERE

You like Hamburgers ?
Did you know there’s a Pizza Burger? 

It just looks gross to me

How’s carnival where you live? 
What’s the best carnival you’ve ever experienced? 

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  1. Had no idea Hamburg had a festival similar to the Venetian Carnival…..you are full of fabulous ideas for FUN just about everywhere…..! I have to admit, your “HER” doesn’t seem to QUITE have the same costume ideas that the “typical” Carnival attendee has but then someone has to be on the edge right?


    1. Hamburg has this thing going on for the past 4 or 5 years and it is getting bigger and everyone can join this event they just need to register with the team. I actually expected someone being nude but not HER. She was so elegant… Someone has to be on the edge, that is true.

  2. hamburg is great!!! in my wild teenage dreams I always dreamed to get a loft there at Hamburg Speicherstadt… sadly my empty wallet ruined this dream :o)

    1. oh man the Speicherstadt is unpayable and now it is even pricewise out of the world. It is a really cool neighbourhood though. When have you been the last time to HH?

      1. …ummmmmm… before 2000 maybe ’98 or ’99… but I loved it so much… why I’m not the kid of billy gates?

        1. Dude do not ask me. I am somehow realted to Klose the football player but still never met him. Maybe Bill Gates is a couchsurfer, then you could become friends 😉

          1. oh I hope so… ;O))))) friend or not, a check would be fine :O))))

          2. Yeah I do not disagree. Checks are always good. It has been some time since the last one…. 😉

  3. Hihi, as a massive fan of the trusty old hamburger perhaps I should pay a visit to Hamburg… I like the edginess of the city that you’ve portrayed here, its geographical coldness contrasting nicely with the carnival buzz. I do somewhat lament the “coldness” in its people, which I found to be more of a common trait in Northern Europeans (perhaps I’m stereotyping here)…
    By the way, I have given you a shoutout in my latest post ?

    1. Hey Jolene,

      thank you so much for the shoutout that is amazing.
      Hamburg is a wonderful place and I wish for you to visit. This city is getting better from year to year and even more diverse. The coldness is a thing in Hamburg and it would not be the same without it but on a sunny day this city really gets alive and even more beautiful than any other pace in Germany 😉
      Happy Sunday

      1. You are welcome!
        I was thinking about Hamburg… but I will only have time for Bavaria this year unfortunately. Always leave something to come back to next year!

          1. Not long… mainly Munich is the base for the start of my Trafalgar tour. But I will be doing a day trip out to Neuschwanstein for sure! Looking forward to it!!

  4. I don’t know why but your pictures aren’t loading for me so I can only imagine what the girl looked like especially when you use the word “fetish” haha. Carnival time is way too cold but losing your thumb to frost bite is worth it for all the cool costumes

    1. Oh no, that is a shame, and she looks wonderful and uses a bit of rouge just so you know and has gorgous volumenous hair soft skin and is quite tall. she gets a bit red sometimes though-but hot 😉 Carnival is wonderful and I am very happy this time is not over yet. I can not wait for next monday!

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