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A glorious hole in a wall in Sevilla!

 A Glorious Hole in a Wall in SevillE!

Who doesn’t love a hole in a wall?
Many people do for different reasons, some dirtier than others, but that’s besides the point. The kind of hole I’m talking about is those tiny restaurants or bars that more often than not have great food and drinks at a reasonable price.
There’s a hole in a wall on one of the most picturesque streets of Seville.

Calle Mateos Gago

“Taberna El Perejil”, the place opened in 1904 as a winery. They sold wines from the Huelva region.
Nowadays is just a “tapas” place. A really small place, but with a HUGE bathroom.

I’ve been to this place several times, and just now writing the post I noticed that the actual name is “La Goleta” which is next door to “Taberna Alvaro el Perejil”, but I’ve never been to that one.

As you can see it’s huge!

The first time I visited that place was during my first trip to Seville. I still have that romantic memory of it. Standing right outside, with the view from La Giralda to my left, the smell of orange blossom and horse shit….uhmmmm delicious!

What a view!

My escort (No, I didn’t hire anyone, just want to sound fancy), suggested the orange wine, I went for it.


When you smell it, it smells like cough syrup, but I swear to whatever it’s sacred, it tastes like the blood of Christ should taste. I wonder why they don’t use orange wine during the communion instead of cheap box wine, that more than wine tastes like vinegar. But I digress, the wine it’s served in a small shot, glass as you can see.
It’s really sweet, like sherry, but not as dry, they use orange peel to macerate the wine during the ageing process.
This wine is really popular around this part of the city (Santa Cruz), bur don’t fall for it, the best one is sold at this place. I’ve tried it at several other places and it just tastes like cough syrup.

We have orange wine and a boar head.

So if you wanna try it, it’s gotta be at El Perejil or else your experience will be ruined.
The wine is enough excuse to go to that hole in a wall, but obviously you’ll need something to soak that wine in your belly, because believe me, it’s gonna f*ck you up it’ll get you drunk easily and quickly, but nothing wrong with that, it’s just an “excuse” to eat.

It tastes a million times better than what it looks.

The “Montadito Especial”, it’s really speacial, it’s a sandwich, with pork tenderloin, “Jamon Iberico” and salsa Mozarabe (I could’ve googled what’s in it but I refuse to do it) which is a sauce made in heaven or hell and sent to earth to bless of tempt us. Either way I take the blessing or yield to the temptation. It’s just too good to resist.

And if all of what I just said didn’t convince you to try it next time you visit Seville, you should know that the wine and the montadito, it’s just 3€. Good and damn cheap! It cannot get better.

What’s your favorite hole in a wall? 
Ever tried orange wine? 
Ever smelled orange blossom and horse shit together? 

Taberna El Peregil

This place is a must when visiting Seville, it's always crowded. Even though it is located between a lot of tourists traps, El Perigil is the favorite spot of many locals for their after work tapas and beer. Their Website: Tabernas Peregil  Facebook: Álvaro Peregil La Goleta Address: Mateos Gago, 20 - 41004 - SEVILLE Opening Hours: 12:00 - 00:30

This post reflects my experience at this place. I didn't receive any freebies or discounts, therefore my opinion isn't biased. That being said, if you manage this place and feel like rewarding me or changing my opinion, by all means, treat me to a beer next time I'm in the area.

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  1. Oh I bet this wine is worth a try … how is the headache level from one to ten? I once had orange wine on mallorca, I woke up the next day and I was dead…

  2. I remember you talking about this wine when Michelle and Craig visited right? It sounds amazing……sounds like it should be labeled “dangerous substance” !! Sometimes the BEST places for food and drink are TINY. That bathroom is definitely one for the Guinness Book of Records for SMALLEST!


    1. That’s the place and the wine. Delicious! I wish there was a way of sending you a bottle so you could try it.

    1. Oh it is delux. Don’t miss ever out on this opportunity when you get to Seville!

  3. Oh this post made me LOL. I didn’t get to visit Seville when I was in Spain last year but now I really want to go there and find that hole in a wall.

    1. Yeah this is a must. It is easy to find for sure. Enjoy and happy sunday 🙂

  4. Love hole in the wall places! They generally are way better (in my opinion) than paying an arm and a leg. Great post, I’ll have to try to find this place when I make it to Spain.

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