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Holy Cow! I killed a cow!

What if I tell you that I found out I have a “super power” that I didn’t know I had until I travel to India?
No, it isn’t the power to eat street food and don’t get sick, or the power to navigate its crowded streets without getting lost* , but a power that not too long ago would have me burning at the stake.
It was in Pushkar, I checked in a hotel with a roof terrace and a kitchen with a view over this city. I thought it’d be nice to cook something and enjoy the view, but after noticing that the price of a carrot was the same of a Dal and a Curry with rice, I changed my mind.

I went to see the old town and the Pushkar lake which is lovely, not as touristy as many other places  in India  but it was decent.
Looking for a place to eat or have a chai, I walked down an alley and I saw a holy cow eating plastic. She was skinny and looked hungry, it wasn’t the happiest sight but Indians cherish them a lot.
It was a narrow alley, I had to be very careful squeezing in between the cow and the wall because I’ve  heard stories about cows getting nasty. Just a personal choice but I would rather get run over by a bull in Pamplona than by a skinny cow in Pushkar.

I was about to clear the cow, when she moved her head and pushed me against the wall.
The sight of me running away and screaming probably amused the locals. From that moment I started to fear cows.
Next day I walked a different way and I saw the same cow again, my enemy, I wasn’t taking chances so I took a long detour just to come face to face with her again. She smelled the fear in me and I’m sure that she went for me just to see me run and scream. I knew it wasn’t gonna be the last time I faced that cow, it seemed like she was the boss of that street.

Wow! Easy there!

I couldn’t avoid passing by it as my favorite Chai place was just down that street. And if you travelled to India you know it’s worth to die for.
The same story happened a 3rd time, but this time I didn’t run, I looked into her eyes and put a curse on her.

We are on the same page.

The next day I did not see her but the day after, there she was, dead.
I killed her!
The curse worked!
I didn’t mean to kill her, I didn’t know I was a proper witch.
I feel bad about it, but hey, maybe it was her diet that kill her. But just to play it safe I’ve never cursed anyone again, but on the same note….be careful.

Have you ever cursed someone?
Ever tried a Masala Chai?
You have any superpower?

The typical way to get around India is by trains and busses (Overnight)
      Ajmer is the nearest railhead 14 km away from Pushkar. It is linked to important cities by regular train services.
      Important connections are to/from Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur.
      Between Pushkar and Ajmer there is a bus running every twenty minutes that takes 40 minutes (20 IDR).
      Don't be surprised by the things that happen on a train. But it will be amusing, just drink lots of chai.
    • Delhi - Pushkar by train 400 km 7,5 hours (500 Rupees)
    • Delhi - Pushkar by bus 400 km 8,5 hours (750 Rupees)
Purchase your tickets around your area from agencies or the bus/ trainstation from where you are travelling from and purchase it always in advance.
    • By plane closest airport is Jaipur and from there you have to take a bus to Pushkar (2 hrs)
    • BlaBlaCar India is a nother option to get around but you shall pay online.
1000 INR - 13,91 € (07.02.2017)
There are only a few things to do but for sure
  • See the Pushkar lake
  • Visit the temples
  • Join the market where animals are sold and decorated
  • Eat at the local places
  • Get lost in the alleys and make friends with a cow.

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  1. Haha! This is hilarious. And I am not sure you killed the cow, but it is funny.

    1. Well, as mentioned I never cursed anyone else after this thing so lets hope I wont write something next week about someone else. 😉

  2. WOW…..that’s some super power. Not a good power to show off in India though considering how revered they are there. I’ve never had a Chai…..I take it I’m missing something significant??


    1. Hey Pam, well yes. So totally worth it but any super power is great. I wish I could fly though that would have made eveything so much easier.

  3. that#s cowl somehow… but I would like to have the power to eat street food without causing a thunderstorm in my tummy… Oh I would eat my way through all food booths…

    1. Well, it took me a long time to not get thunderstorms anymore, the secret is to eat spicy a lot, now nothing gets me but cabbage 😉

  4. I will make sure I don’t mess with you for sure! I am quite disappointed the cows are so aggressive, I was hoping to be queen of cows in India one day. Just roaming the streets with pretty cows hahah… nah?

    1. Well noone should mess with me neitehr the cows hey. But you still could be the queen of the cows in your dreams they are pretty real too. India is bloddy amazing, so if you get the chance to go , hell ya!

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