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What the duck, Amy?

Salut mes amis,
When I talk about France people do not think immediately about Lyon but let me tell you this city is wonderful. It’s less touristy, very chilled, romantic and young. However, the day I went I almost ended up sleeping under a bridge, but I’ll tell you that story some other time.

It was a nice and sunny spring day, I got lucky. So I decided to join the locals and went for a walk along the river banks. As soon as the sun shines, Lyonnais go to the river to show off their six-packs aka beerpacks. And because I’m not less than anyone, I got frisky and showed my ankles, outrageous I know!

I love to people watch, and no, I’m not a voyeurist, I just like to observe (I guess that’s the definition of voyeurism right?). And there’s something about the French that hypnotizes me. They are elegant creatures, the way they walk, even sipping their coffee they manage to look sexy, or maybe it’s just the voyeurist in me.

The way you walk….

Continuing my walk I noticed a duck, I love ducks. I named her Amy. I saw her chilling. She seemed to love Lyon. I don’t know what was going on in her brain but she stood there for a very long time. She was staring at the other side of the river, observing a couple and their PDA. Maybe Amy was a true voyeurist.

What you looking at Amy?

Anyhow I was about to leave when Amy flew and landed next to the couple and stood besides them while they kissed romantically, they noticed  Amy looking at them. They stopped their business and the guy reached for her, Amy wasn’t fazed by it. I have never seen something like that before it was like Amy found the couple she was looking for. I kid you not, Amy didn’t leave their side, the guy fed her and she stayed there.

I sat where I first saw Amy, just staring at the 3 of them.  35 minutes later she ducked off and so did I.

Do you like to people watch?
Ever saw a wild animal be so “friendly” with a couple?

If you stay for only 24 hours then these are the top things to do!
  • La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière & Fourviere Hill enjoy a view over Lyon.
  • Wander around the Old Town/ Vieux Lyon
  • Walk over Place Bellecour
  • Visit the neighborhood around Alliance Francaise de Lyon, Guillotière and Saxe – Gambetta to eat Arabian food
  • Everything is walkable, close by and free of charge, except the museum Musée des Confluences.
For food recommendations feast either in old town which is common and good but you will be surrounded by tourists. If you prefer to eat where the locals eat get out of the old town. Eat at the market, Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

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  1. I love to watch people…. they can inspire me to a new outfit (or not) and I often ponder about the peeps I saw when I’m on the way home :o)

  2. I’ve gone THROUGH Lyon (on the train) but never saw the city – it’s beautiful. Amy obviously thought that couple had some snacks (other than each other of course) with them and thought she’d fly over and look cute so she could get a handout! It worked.


    1. Amy is a smart gal. I bet she is flirting with someone else rightnow. French ducks know how to get what they want! Happy weekend!

  3. Despite several trips to France, I’ve never been to Lyon. Guess that proves your point. Nice pictures.

    1. Thanks a lot. I hope you get a chance to visit one day. It is beautiful indeed!

  4. I love duck watching too (oops, I meant people watching)! I once even watched, quite fixedly, at a large lizard perched on the edge of a cliff watching the ferries on the harbour and took a photo just in time…
    Voyeur in the form of genuine, non-intrusive observation should be a perfectly acceptable hobby, it is by observation that we learn the world around us, the joys and sorrows of people around us and to feel a sense of belonging in a certain (foreign) landscape. I’m sure your Amy was a great example of making that couple feel welcome. ?

    1. Jolene, Jolene, Jolene I think we have something else in common ? I am glad you understand me. Yeah it’s nice to notice whata around us. Put the phone away and immerse. Yep! I love it. I wish you a happy weekend! It’s going to be “wild” I hope !

  5. Still looking for a water buffalo named Clyde. Maybe I’ll find him this time in Laos.

    1. I found him and I went for a walk with him aswell. I’ll send you the pic when I find it! Happy Friday !

  6. Cheers Ken, then next time you should visit. Its full of history and fantastic food. The atmosphere is unique and people watching rocks ?

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