Reading is?

Once upon time I  hitch-hiked for two weeks around Europe to visit friends. One of my stops was at Frankfurt am Main (FMM). I’m familiar with FFM so  my friends took me to a place called Hanau-Steinheim (HS).
It’s a cute little village full of history, famous for the Brothers Grimm. Well, they were bloody rich and it seems like they lived all over the place, like me, with the difference that  I’m financially challenged.
Germany is full of cute little villages like HS and after visiting a couple of them you feel like you’ve seen them all, but once you are there, you gotta make the most of it.

Walking towards the old town I noticed something that back in the days was a common fixture in every corner. In Germany they were mainly Tweety yellow, not red, like in the UK.
It was a phone booth but with a different touch, it’s been turned into something else.

Granted, if they had asked me I would maybe had it left it open so I could use it as shelter in case evil birds terrorize my town:

Or to go down to the Ministry of Magic:

Or to transform into Superman:

Or if we get really dark, I would have use it to force cheaters to come clean to their partners, make them cry!

However, their idea was way better, as it still connects people and passes on knowledge, which nowadays is the best superpower we can have right?
You can go inside this Book Booth to choose, exchange, take or borrow books.

What a better way to make a rather useless piece of steal and glass useful again, and it also gives the city a nice little touch. I wish I had one around the corner when I last moved. I had to leave over 48 books next to the paper recycling container hoping someone would pick them up.

When was the last time you used a phone booth?
Which colour is the phone booth in your country?
Seen any other interesting use for these obsolete pieces of metal?

The closest and biggest city is Frankfurt am Main and there are 4 options for getting into Hanau-Steinheim
  • Fastest but not the easiest way is to share a ride on Blablacar for about 2-4 € .It will take about 20 minutes until you reach.
  • Taxi same amount of time simply 40€ and up unless you take an Uber which is not common.
  • Safest and fastest way is to take a train, they leave pretty often and costs 5 € and takes around 30 minutes. For more info about the city transportation service go to: RMV 
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  1. I have heard of cities where phone booths are being used as computer stations with WiFi for residents without broadband or for visitors. I think they are limited to certain municipal apps. Where I live on the east coast f the U.S. Most phones booths have disappeared entirely.

    1. Hey Ken, you do not find them in a lot of places anymore neither in Germany but when I see one I am always surprised.Computer stations are also not the worst idea, I guess although almost everyone is connected all day long.

    1. The last time I used one was probably in 2002 I guess so, it is ages ago. But please visit Germany we have fantastic islands in the north with wonderful beaches and worldclass mountains to go hiking and skiing. Worth a visit to 100%. Thanks for stopping by my friend 🙂

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