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On First Times and Beer – U Medvidku

This is the first post about food, so I guess it’s only fair that I tell you about my first time.
It was far from magical, I can still remember the exact moment when he told me “Here, take it!“, it felt like an order, I didn’t ask for it.
But I took it, it had to be done, so I didn’t think twice and just drank it, that was my first time drinking a pint of beer.

That’s how they welcome you at the U Medvidku Restaurant in Prague. I’m gonna steal borrow* a couple of pictures to try to illustrate this post. I think I may have gotten drunk and deleted all my pics,  because can’t find any.

U Medvidku (The Bear) opened in 1466, known by the great traditional Czech food and because they serve one of the best beers in Prague (Ha! Got you there, it’s the only one I tried).
But what I really cared for was the food.
Note that I had to eat 1 starter, 2 main courses and a dessert with a single pint of beer.

I’m certainly not!

I was afraid to finish it because they surely would have brought another pint of the best beer in Prague without asking if I wanted it.

Now, to what it matters; the food.
As a starter I had a delicious stinky whipped beer cheese.

Delicious but don’t smell it

It’s served with fried beer bread, like oversized croutons, with a side of garlic cloves (for you to rub the bread) and the whipped beer cheese.
The best way to eat it is holding your breath, I swear it’s delicious, but smells like barf.
Second was the duck with potatoes, bacon dumplings, red cabbage and potato dumplings.

At this point I needed something to drink, beer wasn’t an option, so I went to the bathroom to drink some fresh tap water.
Then I had “Budvar” Goulash, my all time favorite, which is basically, beef stew with paprika and beer. Delicious! Served obviously with dumplings, after all we are in Prague.

Heaven on a plate

It tasted like heaven. It almost made me cry. I kid you not.
Then it was dessert time.
“Try the beer ice cream”– The waiter “suggested”, as I did with the beer I just took it, this time I had no regrets.

It was nothing like I had imagined it. I cried a lot in the inside and may have shed a tear.
I highly recommend checking this place if you want a taste of the local cuisine.

Let’s hear it from you: 
You remember your first time with beer? 
Have you ever felt like crying because a meal was so good?
Any experience with stinky but yummy food?


U Medvidku

Here's some information in case you wanna check this place out, it's worth it.
  • Address Na Perštýně 7, 100 01 Pragu 1, Czech Republic
  • Their Website
  • Find them on Facebook
This post reflects my experience at this place. I didn't receive any freebies or discounts, therefore my opinion isn't biased. That being said, if you manage this place and feel like rewarding me or changing my opinion, by all means, treat me to a beer next time I'm in the area.

* Pics taken from the restaurant’s Facebook and Website. 

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  1. The goulash nostalgia is hitting me right in the tummy right now. How this post makes me miss Prague.

    1. As I wrote it it made wanna go back to Prague, even if it is just for the fried cheese.

  2. That food looks amazing. I’m so jealous of how much you travel!

    1. I can never get enough of food and travel. The beest combi ever 😉

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