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You say silky I see prickly

It was another wonderful day in the Cidade Maravilhosa aka Rio de Janeiro.  And that particular day I decided to go for a  walk with my friend  along the Guanabara Bay, from Botafogo to Flamengo. There was an art instalment by the artist JR for the Olympic Games in the Bay and on a building we wanted to check out.

The views from the Botafogo Beach are really hard to top. Having the iconic Pão de Açucar (Sugar Loaf) to your side is breathtaking.

The walk was perfect, the Pão de Açucar, the smell of fresh air, trees and dog shit. Took some pics to send mom and dad. And to top it all we got lucky and saw a group of dancers performing a traditional dance from Mato Grosso (a state in the heart of Brazil).

Of all the trees I saw during my walk, one that still has in awe is the Paineira (Silky Floss Tree), it looks (to me) like out of a SciFi movie.
When you hear the name you imagine something soft, silky, but there’s nothing soft about the tree at first sight.

Silky trunk.

Is the kind of tree that most parents would like to have on their backyard, so their kids wouldn’t try to climb it as it’s covered in thorns. It sure would have saved my mom a lot of “Get off that tree! You gonna break all your bones!”

But I digress, this tree, which name I had to google, has beautiful flowers and the fruit looks like cacao.
The fruit (which is what we saw) contain black seeds covered in a cotton-like fibber,  including the little parrots you see on the pics (if you look closely), which is what caught my attention.

Reading more about this tree, I learned that in Bolvia is called Toborochi, which means “tree of refuge” or “sheltering tree” and the reason is obvious.
I also learned that it belongs to the same family of the Boabab, which is my favorite tree.

In all a great discovery.
Did you know about this tree?
Which is the most curious tree you’ve ever seen?


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  1. Wow! It looks so beautiful there. I have never heard of that tree before but I will definitely not forget it!

    1. I failed to take a couple of the thorns and bring them home, would have made a good souvenir. Maybe it’s good I didn’t, cuz I’m not if that’s a protected specie and ended up in jail in Rio isn’t an option.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Wonderful shots! Looking forward to following your adventures in 2017!

    1. Thanks!
      I’m looking forward to read more of your too.

  3. I never knew about the art installments when I was there. Very cool!

    1. Well, it was a seasonal Olimpic thing. But pretty cool hey!?

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